White Void

White Void is a webcomic about essentially nothing. It follows two people named Shell and Disk as they traverse an environment that begins as, well, a white void but becomes progressively more detailed. (Despite the title, there have been no plain white void backgrounds at all since the third strip.) Likewise, the main characters gradually transform from stick figures into realistic humans.

I originally began publishing it on The Duck Webcomics (aka Drunk Duck) in May 2018. As of October 2019, it can also be found at whitevoid.risteq.net; I plan to continue updating both versions.

I draw and letter White Void with my left hand, but I'm actually right-handed. This is probably the most interesting thing about it because nothing much happens in the "story". It should also give you an idea of the nature of the comic: it's meant to work on my weak spots, not to be a great work of art... though, of course, that doesn't mean I don't try.