White Void

Page 4

Page 4 — 3 June 2018


Disk: What's in the box?
Shell: Pain.
Disk: No, not that box.
Shell: Let's go find out.
Disk: I think it got bigger.
Shell: No, we got smaller.
Disk: We're normal-sized again.
Shell: Wow, a road.
Disk: No, it's a vanishing point.
Shell: It could still be a road, though.
Disk: Are we getting closer?
Shell: We'd better be. The box is getting bigger again.
Disk: Are we there yet?
Shell: No. Duh.
Shell: We're here.
Disk: Woohoo! Let's party!
Shell: I hate parties.
Disk: Me too.
Disk: Time to step inside...
Shell: Do you think the readers are stupid?
Disk: What readers?
Shell: ...
Disk: So here we are --
Shell: Shut up.