White Void

Page 28

Page 28 — 23 November 2019

It's been over a month... anyone still reading?


Furry: ?
Disk: You're the evil thing behind the door, aren't you? You used your evil furry powers to give me two left hands!
Furry: No, your hands are fine. See?
Disk: {looks at his hands} Oh. Huh.
Furry: You were just off-model for a little while. Happens to the best of us.
Furry: Besides, I don't have evil furry powers. Or good ones.
Disk: Not even the power to know where the bathroom is?
Furry: It's just down the hall.
Disk: You mean that long hall with all the identical doors where you can't see to the end?
Furry: I'll show you.