White Void

Page 22

Page 22 — 14 September 2019

Offscreen, our heroes were bitten by a radioactive mannequin and acquired its proportions and double-jointedness. Shortly afterward their hands were hit by a growth ray.

Seriously, is anyone actually reading this? If you're reading this, raise my hand. No, wait, wrong joke.


Shell: Told you it was a cat.
Cat: Whee! Open door!
Disk: This means we'll be even more surprised when the evil thingy appears because we thought it was just a cat.
Cat: You got any lasagna?
Shell: I just realised we're in colour!
Disk: Do you mean you realized we're in color?
Shell: No. Isn't it colourful in here?
Disk: No, it's colorful.
Shell: Shut up.
Cat: Hello?
Disk: No, I don't.
Shell: Me neither.
Disk: Hey, wait a minute.