White Void

Page 19

Page 19 — 24 August 2019


Disk: What's that?
Shell: Sounds like a cat.
SFX: scratch
Door: Meow
Disk: We can't see it. It could be anything.
Shell: Like what?
Disk: Like someone making cat noises to fool us into opening the door.
Shell: Why would they do that?
Disk: They're planning something evil, of course.
Shell: Why not just ask us to open the door?
Door: Meow?
Disk: Because they're evil.
Disk: Or maybe it's an evil cat, or a monster that sounds like a cat. Or a monster pretending to be a cat to fool us into --
Shell: It's probably just a cat.
Disk: How do you figure?
Shell: Occam's razor.
Door: Meow.