White Void

Page 14

Page 14 — 22 June 2019

Finally getting back to this thing.


Disk: It's dark.
Shell: Obviously.
Disk: Should we go in?
Shell: We don't know what's in there. Maybe there's no floor and we'll end up falling way down onto, uh...
Disk: ... a floor?
Shell: Possibly, but it would be the wrong floor.
Shell: Or maybe there wouldn't be a floor at all and we'd land in water or something.
Disk: Do you have a flashlight?
Shell: No. You?
Disk: Wouldn't have asked if I did. What about the lampshade? Does it light up?
Shell: You never know.
(Shell fumbles with the lampshade; it lights up)
Shell: I see. It's a plot device.