White Void

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Page 1 — 29 May 2018

The first 7 strips were actually drawn several months ago, FWIW.

I know the art isn't very good yet. Stick figures are surprisingly hard to draw well. I promise it'll get better.


Shell: Hi. I'm Shell.
Shell: This is Disk.
Disk: Who are you talking to?
Shell: The reader, obviously.
Disk: That is so clich├ęd. We should put up a fourth wall.
Shell: We can't. You see any other walls in here? It would fall down.
Disk: Wow, you're right. Where are we?
Shell: We're in a white void. That's where you end up when the artist can't be bothered with perspective or backgrounds.
Disk: Aw, that's so boring. Can't we get a better one?
Shell: Nope.
Disk: Do we have to do something funny now?
Shell: Nah. Hey, look, I found a badly drawn lampshade.
Disk: You sure that isn't a tree stump?
Shell: Who knows?